Material Information & Care Instruction

Material Information

Leather is a natural product - minor irregularities in texture and color indicate the natural source of our products and thus make them unique. All Devilskins Lederhosen are solely made of finest wild buck velour leather. Our leather is clean of PCP and azo dye.

Care Instructions

Basically, there is hardly any garment more sturdy and carefree than a Lederhose.
In the course of regular usage wear marks emerge, most of all at nooks and edges. Additionally, by the time, minor discolouration might coin the leather. 
As common for Lederhosen, intense usage (by whipping of fatty fingers) leads to the emergence of a thin layer, covering major parts of the leather, also refered to as "Patina". Depending on whether or not you whish to have this sort of refinement we want to point out the prime care instructions:

Minor Soil
In the event the soiling of your Lederhose is of slight extent, we suggest you to brush the stains out by using a coarse clean brush. Please be advised that the leather must be dry before cleaning starts. 

Please note: The rougher the brush is the more cautious the application has to be. Otherwise, the peril of ever persisting scratch marks, heavily napped areas or unwanted color changes arises.


Heavy Soil 
If heavy stains should be removed, we urge you not to wash your Lederhosen by yourself (e.g.: with water and bile soap). As opposed, we recommend you to haunt a leather cleaning professional. Professional cleaning, however, might cause some minor changes in color.

Moreover, the usage of a so called "Leather Rubber" can be of advantage when heavy stains have to be removed. You can by one on the internet or in well-assorted specialist shops for € 5-10. Technically, you simply rub over the soiled surface.


Strictly speaking, velour leather is not entirely water resistant. Hence, the application of an impregnation spray is feasible, however, not necessary. What is more, by applying a spray, the breathability of the leather is being limited drastically.  

Caused by the particular tanning, velour leather is open-pored. That is, moisture can be easily absorbed. As a consequence, after having the leather fully dried, it remains comparatively stiff and hoarse. Under the light of the above, we strongly advise you against a jump into the water, having your Lederhosen on! Nonetheless, rain or similar wet incidents do not affect you Lederhosen adversely. Potential minor changes in color or stains can commonly be eliminated by simply handling the affected areas with a brush, leather rubber, or your hands.

Please note: In the event your leather is wet – it is advisable to steadily dry your Lederhosen under room temperature. Never dry it fast under heat, by applying a stove, dryer, hairdryer, etc.!


Regular care
As mentioned previously, the emergence of a “Patina” is a natural process for Lederhosen. That is, it should never be fully removed, as it provides a “natural” protection for the leather from being soiled.
In order to give the velour surface the velvet and smooth look back, we recommend you to apply special leather care products for wild and velour leather.
For further information contact your local dealer or consult the internet.

Please note: The application of petrol or solvents should be omitted under any circumstances!


We want to point out, that we will not assume liability for any damages done to your Lederhosen, in the course of cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a trial on a non visible part of your Devilskins (e.g.: inside).